The Amphissa variety from the edges of Mount Othrys, the mountain of Titans


The award-winning A-MFO-RA I-CONS mountain olive oil comes from the Amphissa variety from olive groves cultivated on the edges of Mount Othrys, at an altitude of 480 meters above the mountainous village of Palaiokerasia, at east Phiotida.

It is a very demanding variety which, under the right conditions and care, produces extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, with intricate flavours and extremely high concentration in polyphenols

It is estimated that on the edges of Mount Othrys there are up to 30000 olive trees aged between 100 up to 1000 years, both wild as well as cultivated.

Mount Othrys lies in the borders of Central Greece. 

Its rocky, dry soils create perfect conditions for growing olives. In Ancient Greek mythology it was the divine mountain of the Titans and home to the kingdom of the Myrmidons led by Achilles.


Olive trees

The Amphissa variety olive trees are high, usually from 7 to 10 meters height but they can be kept to 4-5 meters with regular pruning. They produce a particularly special variety of edible olives with mauve colour, round figure and deliciously rich flesh.

The special microclimate of the region

The olive trees are watered only by rainfall having as a result the creation of a natural ecosystem of aromatic plants. The altitude, plenty of sunshine, the particular orientation of our olive groves along with mild rainfalls and temperatures all-year round in the specific region, create a special microclimate that provides us with a

product containing very high concentration in polyphenols accompanies by all relevant chemical and organoleptic analyses.