In collaboration with experts

Under the guidance of:


-Mr. Manolis Salivaras, experienced laboratory analyzer and specialized connoisseur in the field of olive oil quality control.

True to our values:

100% natural products, supercentenarian olive trees, green harvesting, traditional methods, respect in nature and humans, sustainable cultivation.

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Our olive grove is self-sustainable. Our olive trees are watered only by rainfall. In order for this biomass to grow and to be maintained, only the sun, the rain and the subsoil are necessary. Different plant species specialize in absorbing various nutritional components from the earth. When their leaves fall or when these plants die, they components become available to neighbouring plants. It is expected that, if healthy olives from Amfissa are collected early, the 90% of fruits will be of a colour green towards purple, provided, of course, that consequently in the olive mill high-quality procedures will be kept.


Harvesting is done manually and the fruits are collected with the utmost care even when they are green and unripe. Harvesting of olives is done very early (15-30 of October) when the fruit of unripe but rich in flavours and ingredients beneficial to our health.


Oil production

 The extraction of olive oil is cold in collaboration with the modern, two-phase olive mill of Mr. Tasoulas in Karavomylos, Phiotida. The extraction takes place during the same day, under specific massage and tempertature condition. The derived olive juice is stored originally in stainless steel tanks. The olive oil, consequently, is packaged unfiltered.


The olive oil is prepared and packaged unfiltered right after its oil production, at the AMFORA ICONS packaging plant at Stylida, Phiotida.