One of the finest olive oils
the Mediterranean has to offer

The ancient Greek taste unchanged

Who are we:

We are a traditional, family-run unit specializing in the production and preparation of high-quality and nutritious value tasteful Greek products that are based in olive oil. On the basis of four-generations experience along with our ancestors’ secret and the help of technology and science through the control of production with natural methods, we have created a line of products offering the best of the Greek nature. This is because we are aware that the success in the production of a product with premium characteristics lies in the details.

Natural flavours that will satisfy and take on a journey even the most refined palate. Its delicious taste in its purest from, straight from the ancient Greek tradition. Its characteristic traits offer premium satisfaction and excellent quality.

Terroir of mount Othrys

From  the ancient olive groves of AMFISSA variety at the edges of GREEK mount Othrys


AMFORA ICONS is a recently established Greek company that was started by some passionate individuals. With the extra virgin oil produced in the ancient region of East Fthiotida, a common vision inspired us:

To create award-winning culinary and healthy products and to engage you in an unforgettable culinary experience with an ancient Greek character. 

 Premium quality olives to enjoy

a unique culinary experience with taste from Greece



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A taste that travels intact from ancient Greece until today.

Let your senses quide you enjoy as small drop of happiness,travel back in the time with an ancient Greek replice. 

Aiming towards creating a modern version of the ancient Greek gastronomy,

the AMFORA ICONS mountain olive oil is created with a sole purpose: to constitute, in a single bottle, a journey through smells and flavours.

The special microclimate of the region



More than a high-quality LUXURY product, it acts as a protection  for your HEALTH!





For the Balatsos family, the harvesting of olives is a family tradition since 1917. The AMFORA ICONS is established in 2016 by Giorgos Balatsos in order to bring to your table a secret that goes back 4 generations along with high-quality olive products that will satisfy even the most refined palate.